League Rules

Welcome to the Card Leagues at (Insert League Location Here). The League Leader is Derek Farber.

The rules for our league are as follows:

All Players MUST turn in a signed permission slip stating that they understand and have read there rules before being allowed to attend league. These Slips can be found at the league location.

It would be appreciated if parents of children under 12 remained with their child during League; however, we realize that this is not always possible. If a parent wishes to leave his/her child(ren) in the store during League hours, that parent must first: 1) let the Gym Leader know that they will be leaving ; 2) leave a phone number where the parent may be contacted in case of emergency and 3) agree to return before League hours end.

Please understand that the Card Leagues are NOT a "free babysitting" service; though every reasonable caution will be taken, Derek and the owners of (Insert League Location Here) CANNOT be held responsible for your child while s/he attends the League. Please also understand that our allowing your child to attend League unsupervised is a privilege and not a right, and as such may be revoked at any time, on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

If a Player is caught stealing another Player's cards or merchandise from the store, s/he will be removed from the store and banned from returning to the League.

If a Player defies or disrespects the storeowner or a League Leader they will be asked to leave for the evening. Repeated offences will result in expulsion from the League.

Players must stay in the designated play area for the entire time of league unless a parent or guardian is in attendance. Players are not allowed to roam the store. If a player leaves the area without permission of the League leader they will be asked to leave the store.

(Insert League Location Here) and/or the Gym Leaders are NOT responsible for missing or lost cards, or "bad" trades. If you have no intention of playing or trading a valuable card, DO NOT BRING IT TO THE LEAGUE. Each Player is responsible for his/her own cards and possessions´┐Żkeep your belongings in sight at all times!

Nintendo DS play is allowed at the League as long as the game is Pokemon related. Games must be Pokemon Black or Pokemon White to earn points for league.

Full, 6-prize games for Pokemon must be played to earn points. "Sudden Death" games are not allowed for points. League Leader must approve alternative methods of play before awarding points for them (ex. Team Play.)

Not all above mentioned leagues will be available at all locations, ask league leader for permission before playing the above mentioned games.

REMEMBER, Leagues are supposed to be FUN. All Players must play and trade fairly and honorably!

Leagues may be canceled at any time, either for the week or for good.